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Do you ever wish you had an easily accessible, go-to place to find resources and activities to use in your classroom or homeschool? It can take forever to sift through the entire internet to find resources that are truly engaging, effective, and help you cover your standards.

That’s exactly why I created my Premium Membership – to give you a place to access an ever growing library of quality resources that you can trust, freeing up more space during your nights and weekends to enjoy life!

In the Premium Membership Resource Library, you will find hundreds of dollars worth of math, language arts, science, and social studies resources for K-3, and I’m adding more all the time!

As a member, you can download any of the resources for free!

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"Mrs. Thompson's Treasures is a quality source for teaching materials. I have NEVER been disappointed with the items I've purchased."

-Cynthia A.

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$ 6 Monthly Membership Fee
  • 10 downloads a month


$ 15 Quarterly Membership Fee
  • Unlimited Downloads


$ 45 Yearly Membership Fee
  • Unlimited Downloads

If you'd like to see more of the resources available to Premium Members, just click below to visit the Resource Library!


Any K-3 teacher or homeschooling parent who wants to save time by having a go-to place to find educational activities that will engage students and provide quality practice at the same time.

Your membership lasts as long as you want! There are no contracts and you may cancel at anytime. 

This membership is for YOU! I am happy to take requests for resources and will do my best to create content that you need! 

Meet Lauren of Mrs. Thompson's Treasures

I am a former 3rd grade teacher, now raising and homeschooling my own 5 children (ages 11, 8, 7, 5, and 3). We are a world traveling family and we love visiting new countries. I began creating resources and blogging in 2012 and I absolutely love that I get to help other homeschooling parents and teachers get the resources they need to help every child be successful. 

Questions? I'm happy to help!

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