Color Posters & Sorting Activities

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These cute coloring and sorting pages can be used to introduce color words and color distinction to little learners.

Included are 10 color pages and 5 sorting activities.


18 reviews for Color Posters & Sorting Activities

  1. Jen

    I love these worksheets, but for some reason when I print them some of the items on different pages are surrounded by a black box. For example, the jeans on the “Blue” page and the dragon and the tree on the “Green” page. Not all of the pages are like this, but at least half of the entire download.

    • Lauren

      Hi Jen! I’m not sure why this happens sometimes. If you look in your printer settings, you can choose “print as image” and it should print without the boxes.

  2. Andrea

    Thank you so much for sharing these for free! Can’t wait to use these in my Pre-K Class. Do you have a gray that I could purchase to finish out our tested colors?

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for these beautiful activities


    Thanks Alot !!!!!!

  5. Kayla

    Thank you my preschooler is going to love this 💕

  6. Marie Bair

    Many thanks.

  7. Marie Bair

    Thank you.

  8. Hannah

    What a great resource! I’m an art therapist working with children with developmental delay and color recognition is sometimes a big part of our work. Thanks for making this workbook accessible to the public. I also love the graphics!

  9. myrna

    this is so great!!!

  10. myrna

    this is so great!!!

  11. Rebecca


  12. Eleftheria

    It is great. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Primavera Pichardo

    thanks so much amazing

  14. Tawni

    This is great! A perfect resource for my preschooler! Thank you!

  15. Erica

    This is a simplified colors packs, great for not overwhelming my Pre-K’er. I really like the sorting pages but I’m sure my daughter will enjoy the coloring pages more.

  16. Manessa

    I need the colors pages plz they r amazing

    • Lauren

      Just click the “Download Now” button and the file will download to your computer! Thanks!

  17. Alice Patterson

    Thanks !!!!!

  18. Mony

    Thanks You are great!!!

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