CVC Christmas Trees

(31 customer reviews)

Fun CVC practice for Christmastime! Cut out the ornaments, then match the right pictures to the words. (5 pages)


31 reviews for CVC Christmas Trees

  1. Elena

    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Amazing resource 🙂

  2. Cindy

    Love these! Thank you!

  3. Theresa

    Thank you so much for the CVC Christmas trees! Can’t wait to use them next month!

  4. Michelle Daugherty

    Thank you!!

  5. Dora

    Great activity for practicing CVC words

  6. Amanda Poynter

    My kiddo always neeed CVC practice!

  7. Deirdre Dannecker

    Love the CVC activities for bell work and reinforcement of the skill.

  8. Renee

    Thank you for the free resource! Love that it’s Christmas theme! Can’t wait to use it!!!

  9. Lori

    This is awesome and I can’t wait to use it with my students.

  10. Samantha

    Great for cvc practice.

  11. Linda Freye

    A fun way to practice their skills!

  12. Jenny

    Perfect practice for CVC words and using fine motor skills! Thank you for the download!

  13. Savannah Griffin

    Perfect activity for an ESL student! Thank you!

  14. Cammie

    Perfect practice for my students.

  15. Kathleen Good

    Great review activity for first grade. Thank you!

  16. Carolyn Quillin

    Thank you for letting me download the CVC activity for my class! They will enjoy working on these words and it will give them the confidence they need to continue enjoying reading!

  17. Terri

    Thank you for making these CVC projects. Perfect for my special needs students.

  18. Tanya Conner

    This is perfect for my kiddos! As we enter the holiday season it gets harder and harder to keep them on track with meaningful activities. This will be awesome!

  19. Charlotte

    This is the perfect ready-to-use CVC printable! It will make a great reinforcement activity for my reading groups. Thank you!

  20. Elyse Hahne

    Great practice of CVC blending and cutting practice.

  21. Teresa Lass

    Fun Christmas cut & paste ELA activity, perfect for my special ed kiddos!

  22. Ms. O.

    Thank you for the free resource. Can’t wait to use this with our kiddos!

  23. Elizabeth Mason

    Thank you! This is perfect for my readers learning cvc words. 🙂

  24. Wendy C Kelly

    Thank you for this fun resource! My students will enjoy this so much!

  25. Alyssa Kooper

    My kiddos are going to love this. I teach children with special needs with grades 1-3. Many of my 3rd graders are at a K/1 level and this would help to give them more practice while also enjoying the spirit of the season!

  26. Tanya

    My K students will love this CVC Christmas cut and paste.

  27. Lisa

    I’ve been looking for some CVC activities for my growing pre-k students and this is perfect for when we return from Thanksgiving.

  28. Jenn

    Great Christmas activity to help children practice using scissors and hearing sounds of words!

  29. Barbara Christy

    This is a great activity for my students working on CVC words

  30. Renee

    Love these. Perfect for my kiddos who need more practice with CVC words.

  31. Marlana

    Thank you so much for the CVC Christmas tree activity! Can’t wait to use it with my special needs kiddos!

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