Finding Text Evidence Passage (Grades 2-3)

(9 customer reviews)

⭐ Help your students become more confident readers with this fun and interactive passage!

⭐ It is perfect for helping students build fluency, use context clues, and improve reading comprehension.


9 reviews for Finding Text Evidence Passage (Grades 2-3)

  1. Lisa

    Great way to teach finding text evidence.

  2. Annie G

    I love these text evidence examples. My students have such a hard time with identifying important details. This will be great practice for them

  3. Janet

    Looking forward to using this to reinforce reading for evidence, thanks!

  4. Annette Martinez

    I teach First Grade and plan to use this as a challenge activity for my strong readers. Great practice with non-fiction text.

  5. Becky Phillips

    Wonderful Activity for Small Groups!

  6. Lisa

    Awesome product! Great way to show text evidence!

  7. Krista

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE this! I want them all:) This resource is a quick activity to help them pay closer attention to the text. Thank you!

  8. Debbie G.

    Excellent tool go use with your students to use text evidence up support their answer. You can also have them use complete sentences and work on their writing skills too!

  9. Janean

    Very good practice for my resource students. Thank you

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