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On the first day of school, things can be pretty chaotic! You have a class of new students who are coming in with a range of emotions and a backpack full of supplies that need to be organized, all while chatting with parents and trying to help the kids find their place and get settled. Read my post here for 6 tips to make the first week of school a breeze.

I love having fun, independent activities that students can start working on right away at their desks. Not only does it keep the classroom calm and quiet, but it also can settle the students’ nerves as they adjust to a classroom setting again after summer break. Here are some of my favorite first day activities that are great for a variety of grade levels!

1) Read & Find – This is my newest freebie I created. Students will read the words, then find and color in the pictures. There is also a bonus activity for students to write down their own words and have a partner find the pictures – great for getting to know their classmates!

Read and Find hidden picture back to school activity. #hiddenpicture #backtoschool

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2. Play-Doh

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Give each student a small container of play-doh and let them play with it at their desk. You can give them some instructions such as, “Create something that can tell us about your summer,” or just let them play freely. It’s such a great way to get out some nervous energy and get their hand muscles moving!

3. Finish the Picture – This fun freebie lets your students doodle and get creative right from the start! Put a copy on each desk with a sharpened pencil so they can get right to work when they arrive.

What are your favorite activities for students when they arrive on the first day? Leave a comment and let us know!



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