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Do you remember those Highlights magazine hidden picture pages like these? I remember always having fun with those in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. I wanted to create something similar, using hidden pictures, but adding in some educational content as well.  If you are looking for a fun way to engage your students, try some of these free hidden picture activities!

Puzzle activities are always a favorite of kids and adults alike! Not only are they fun, but there are amazing cognitive benefits as well!

Highlights blog states these benefits:

Object Constancy refers to the ability to recognize the properties of an object, and to understand that even when it changes in form or appearance it is still the same object. Have you noticed how many different ways there are to draw a banana? Yet savvy puzzlers are always able to recognize them.

Visual Discrimination is the ability to see and appreciate both the similarities and differences between objects. Again, this is an important skill in the development of proficiency in both reading and math.

But perhaps the most important benefit of puzzling is persistence: the ability – the willingness – to work through a problem, to try and try again, to stay motivated and engaged, even when things are difficult. That’s a skill that will help kids throughout their lives, no matter how many different types of bananas they encounter. 

I have loved creating these fun and educational puzzle activities for my own kids to use, and I’m glad to share some with you too!

This FREE download includes 5 hidden picture activities. Three for pre-readers (alphabet, shapes, colors) and two for readers (cvc words and summer words).


Click HERE to try these free activities.



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