I Know About Sea Turtles: Research Fun!

This week we finished up our research projects on sea turtles.

My first grader loves learning facts about animals, so he really got into putting this portfolio together. We read about sea turtles, answered questions, filled out a KWL chart, labeled a turtle, compared sea turtles to tortoises with a Venn diagram, learned about the life cycle, distinguished between facts and opinions, created a turtle poem, and made our own picture using a directed drawing!

Here are a couple of fun crafts I found to go along with our study:

Sea Turtle Paper Bowl craft by Sun Scholars

Sea Turtle Paper Bowl Craft! All you'll need is: -small paper bowl -small paper plate -green paint (or markers/crayons) -paint brush -green and brown paper -scissors -glue -stapler -black marker -wiggly eyes Check out Sun Scholar for detailed instructions! http://www.sunscholars.com/2011/09/sea-turtle-craft.html

This one is so easy and uses a paper plate and dot markers…which you know I love!

..hold the pond door! Here comes another great 'Paperplate' feller! Mister Turtle is gonna make the kids giggle! So good, Barby, 'Library Lady'! :-)

For a fun and healthy snack, try these cute grape and kiwi turtles! (Found on Meet the Dubiens)

5 really cute creative food plates including these kiwi and grape turtles.

The pack we used for this project can be found HERE on TpT.

I Know About Sea Turtles: Nonfiction Mini Unit & Graphic O

And here are some of the fun books we checked out from the library to go along with our unit study!


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