Martin Luther King Jr. Flip Book

Free Martin Luther King Jr. flip book activity

I’ve discovered that when students create a project or craft about a subject, they are much more likely to keep it. Instead of tossing it (like happens to many worksheets), they can look back and remember what they have learned. My kids’ desks are full of simple projects we have done about many subjects, and anytime someone visits our school room, they always pull out projects to show off. One of my favorite simple projects is creating flip books! They are easy to assemble and easy to keep! (No loose parts to fall off or come unglued!)

Free Martin Luther King Jr flip book activity

This flip book about Martin Luther King Jr. is a great way to introduce him and his life to your students. The pages are simple and engaging, making it a great January project! Included is a bubble map, timeline, vocabulary, fill in the blanks, and a writing prompt! There are 2 sizes included, a bigger size that gives younger students more space to write, and a smaller version to help save paper.

The flip book can be found in my TpT store HERE, but I’m also offering it as a FREEBIE for those who join my newsletter list!

Just sign up HERE and I’ll send you the flip book for free!

Free Martin Luther King Jr. flip book activity


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