Gingerbread Man Activities

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7 free activities to go with your gingerbread unit!

Includes: 100s chart picture, estimation activity, color by coins, color by number, emergent reader, patterns, and count & graph


40 reviews for Gingerbread Man Activities

  1. Paola

    I love this activity for this time of year!
    I have ELL students who benefit from this!

  2. Laura

    thank you

  3. Sarah

    I’m definitely going to use the paperclip estimation activity. I have 3 boys and I know they will get a kick out of picking up the paperclips with magnet/pencil “fishing poles” afterwards. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. L


  5. Nancy Rockwell

    thank you

  6. Jungyeon

    Thank you so much! . This is perfect for December activity. My students will be happy with it. 🙂

  7. Kate

    So Excited for this!

  8. Ellie

    Really fantastic! Both kids are currently at home during Covid and I was able to use different aspects for both of them. Thanks so much!

  9. Anonymous

    Very fun and creative.

  10. Terri

    My students loved the Gingerbread Man activities. The story had just enough print for them to read without being overwhelmed. The 100’s chart mystery picture was perfect for number identification practice.

  11. Cynthia Garcia

    I’m loving it! You always have great activities and I return often for new ideas. Thank you,

  12. Mandy Davis

    I love the hundreds chart activities and that I have two differentiated options! Thanks!!!

  13. Gloria M Schmitz

    These are all going to go along perfectly with our gingerbread unit!!! The timing is awesome!!! Thank you for your generosity of freebies!!!

  14. Deirdre Dannecker

    My kids love the 100 charts, coloring and graphing activities! Thank you!

  15. Chantal

    Looking forward to using all these Gingerbread ideas with my K class.

  16. Callie Cain

    Excited to use this when we read our Gingerbread books in December! Great resource to incorporate math into literacy activities.

  17. Linda

    Thank you for such a great Freebie! My kinders are already talking about Christmas and saw all the gingerbread crafts in the cupboard. Looking forward to using this. Actually all the freebies are awesome. Thank you so much and happy holidays

  18. Eva Griffin

    This is a great pack! These Gingerbread Man activities will be a perfect addition to our Christmas unit. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Lois

    Love all your printables. Gives my Grandson fun, educational things to do during school breaks. Thanks!!

  20. Ali

    Perfect for my 12 days of Christmas Countdown! Thank you so much.

  21. Terri

    Thank you for the fun ways to practice graphing and patterning!

  22. Julia

    Great activities! Will come in very handy when we do our Gingerbread unit! Thanks!!!

  23. Becky Schulte

    Love the gingerbread pack. ? I grabbed it for a colleague who does a gingerbread unit every December. Love the varying level of activities.

  24. Joann

    Love the Christmas tree activity n gingerbread man!

  25. Kathleen A Good

    This is a great resource! The emergent reader is perfect for students, and the color by number activity is also great! My students will also enjoy the hundreds chart mystery picture. Thank you!

  26. Kayla Clark

    I love gingerbread men activities. There are so many great books to go with them.

  27. Val

    I love these resources. This is my first year in first grade and my students LOVE gingerbread people. What a fun way to teach concepts and have FUN too!

  28. nicole

    cannot wait to use these wonderful gingerbread resources for my five senses of Christmas.

  29. Kathy

    Great activity for December

  30. Alyssa Dodds

    Gingerbread resources are a perfect addition to our Gingerbread unit coming up in 2 weeks. Kids love the mystery pictures.

  31. Jo-Anne Kumitch-Huxter

    Love anything gingerbread! These activities look great!

  32. Jill

    These activities are going to be very handy to use when I’m doing gingerbread stories.

  33. Sheri Braun

    Awesome gingerbread fun!! Thank yiu

  34. Erin

    This will be perfect for my class. Thanks!

  35. Antonia

    Great activities included. Thank you!

  36. Lennie H

    I really love this gingerbread packet. I have students with special needs with one student much lower than the others. This helped me give everyone tasks that they needed and that they could enjoy. I usually love the hundreds chart, and while I loved all the colors; I felt this one was a little to see the picture.

  37. Emely

    Thank you for some great activities.

  38. Robin Kelly

    This is a great addition to my December gingerbread unit. My kinders love the 100 chart picture.
    Thank you!

  39. Molly

    Thank you!

  40. Robin

    This is a great addition to my December gingerbread unit. My kinders love the 100 chart pictures.
    Thank you!

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