Top o’ the morning to ya!

I didn’t really explain what Spring Break is to my kids. They know we didn’t have Life Group and soccer practice this week because of it….but I might have failed to mention that other students don’t have school! We really didn’t do much work ourselves, we took one morning off to go to the zoo, another whole day to meet some of my family at a nearby campsite for the day, and tomorrow we’re off for a short vacation to Galveston! But, we did spend a little time learning about St. Patrick and why he has a holiday. We read a short biography about him and talked about leprechauns and rainbows 🙂

I cut out pots from construction paper and glued them on some white paper, then had the kids use their fingertips in paint to make a rainbow!

Then we used gold craft paint to dot on some gold coins. This picture is when it was still a little wet, but when it dried, it was super shiny and looked great!

And you know they love the mystery pictures!

This is the 120 chart leprechaun I made, which is part of the Spring Pack you can get here.

And next time I’m at the store, remind me to buy PLAIN paper plates! We keep doing these great paper plate crafts that end up with flowers or designs all over them *sigh*.  At least the kids don’t care, they just love craft time 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


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